Mystical Chinese Monkey Predicts Donald Trump Will Win the Election

Donald Trump will be the next U.S. president according to a prophetic monkey from China.
Geda, the mystical primate, has reportedly tipped Donald Trump over opponent Hillary Clinton for the U.S. presidency during a brief ceremony in Shiyan Lake Ecological Tourism Park in Hunan, Agence France-Presse reported.
Given the option to choose between bananas placed beside life-sized images of presidential hopefuls Trump and Clinton, Geda paused in deep thought before eventually picking Trump, Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park said in a statement on its website on Thursday.
The five-year-old animal seer even gave cardboard Trump a congratulatory kiss on the lips.
Earlier this year, the prophetic monkey whose name means “goose bumps” correctly predicted that Portugal would win the 2016 European football championship.
Geda is one of the many psychic animals who recently became popular for predicting sporting event results similar to Paul the Octopus who correctly predicted several 2010 World Cup matches.
In 2012, a 9-year-old squirrel named Gnocchi also tried to predict the outcome of the U.S. presidential election after correctly identifying the winner four years earlier. Gnocchi failed on his second attempt however, eating nine peanuts from Mitt Romney’s bowl while only five from President Obama’s.
It was not reported, however, if the stunt by the adorable simian was merely a marketing tool for the ecological park or was simply making a mockery of American politics. Perhaps it was a combination of both.
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