Mystery woman spotted near Kim Jong-un in recent months sparks speculation

kim jong un mystery woman
  • An unidentified woman has recently been seen in Kim Jong-un’s inner circle.
  • First noticed in February, the mysterious woman is often seen by Kim’s side wearing a suit dress and glasses while carrying a black handbag.
  • The woman, who is speculated to be Kim’s relative, is estimated to be in her 30s or 40s.
  • She was at Kim’s side last week during a concert, and was also seen carrying folders during Kim’s speech to North Korea’s parliament.

A mystery woman spotted in Kim Jong-un’s inner circle in recent months is sparking speculation about her identity.

The woman was first noticed in February and has since been photographed near Kim. She is typically seen wearing a suit dress with glasses and carrying a black handbag. 

In some photos she stands next to him while in others she lingers in the background. She was seen by Kim’s side on Friday during an outdoor concert and was photographed on Thursday carrying folders during Kim’s speech to North Korea’s parliament in which he vowed to never give up nuclear weapons.

NK News first reported on the woman in February. 

“She has typically been seen carrying a handbag, possibly containing items the North Korean leader needs on call at all times such as his phone, cigarettes or medicine,” NK News stated.

The woman is estimated to be in her 30s or 40s. NK News speculated that the woman may be Kim’s new aide and on his event planning and organization team. 

In addition, NK News suggests the woman may be Kim’s older half-sister, Kim Sol-song, who wields power behind the scenes. Personal details of Kim’s 48-year-old half-sister remain relatively unknown, although some North Korean defectors claimed that she works in important positions within the party.


Featured Image via NK News

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