Mysterious Yolkless Egg is Freaking People Out on Twitter

A Japanese housewife got an unusual surprise when she sliced her hard boiled egg in half.
Fascinated, the Twitter user, who goes by the handle @Chuchnsdboy, decided to share her discovery on social media and posted the photos of the eerie egg on Twitter, RocketNews24 reported.
Equally amazed netizens liked and retweeted the photos thousands of times, making her post go viral.
In the photos, the yolkless egg may seem like a work of photoshop or CGI, but it was in fact not digitally altered in any way. Apparently, such specimen, while extremely rare, does exist.
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Comments (translated here by RocketNews24) range from expressions of bewilderment to jokes on the best way to cook the freak of nature.
“How scary! I would’ve freaked out if this happened to me.”
“I’d like to see a fried, sunny-side-up version of this!”
“I had no idea this sort of thing could happen.”
“I bet it would’ve made a delicious white omelette.”
“I’ve been alive for 70 years and this is the first time I’ve ever seen something like this!”
@Chuchnsdboy did some research to get to the bottom of the mysterious yolkless egg herself. She then shared a follow-up Tweet to reveal her findings. According to her, these types of eggs are sometimes discovered but they get sorted out before they are sent to supermarkets. Her egg simply managed to slip by undetected.
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In the U.S., a yolkless egg is commonly called a fart egg but is also referred to as “dwarf” or “wind” egg by some folks. The term originated from the idea that the unfortunate egg was accidentally formed by a simple chicken fart.
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