Mysterious Thief Steals Nearly $100,000 Worth of Ramen Noodles From Trailer

A 53-foot tractor trailer containing about $98,000 worth of instant Ramen noodles has been reported missing in Fayette County, Georgia.

Local authorities are now searching for the suspects to the crime which are believed to be related to the recent series of thefts and break-ins in the area, WAGA reports.

According to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, the unnamed victim left his 2004 Stoughton Se trailer at a Chevron store on Georgia Highway 85 north with the property owner’s permission and locked it on July 25. However, when he returned on Wednesday, the trailer was already stolen, along with over half a million packs of Ramen noodle.

After checking with the property owner to make sure that the vehicle hadn’t been towed, the victim checked with other truck drivers who parked in the same area. The drivers said they last saw the trailer on July 30.

Authorities have called on the public to come forward if they have details that would be helpful in closing the case. The trailer has the Maine license plate tag 202643A and the trailer number 20152059.

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