Japanese Artist Brilliantly Captures Emotions You Can’t Explain

A mysterious artist from Japan has gained quite a following online for his emotion-fueled, thought-provoking art.

Known only by their online handle Avogado6, the artist vividly captures segments of society’s woes in simple yet somehow difficult to describe illustrations.

Avogado6 caught the attention of Japanese netizens last year with an image of a girl simply reaching for a pudding surrounded by alcohol cans:

This image of a girl taking selfie also went viral last year after striking a chord with many online fans. 

Avogado6 has since been known to craft images that say a lot without needing to say anything at all.

Drawn mostly in a preferred gray color scheme, the art often conveys an underlying theme of despair and desolation.

And while Avogado6’s message is always straightforward and clear, the feelings expressed in some of the drawings evoke more emotion and reflection.

Here are some of the artist’s other works, which can be haunting and creepily accurate for many of us:

Feature Image via Twitter/avogado6

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