Mysterious Japanese Artist Goes Viral For Her Amazing Anime ‘Carpet Art’

Mysterious Japanese Artist Goes Viral For Her Amazing Anime ‘Carpet Art’
Ryan General
By Ryan General
December 14, 2017
A Japanese artist and pop culture geek turned her carpet into a canvass for her amazing art.
The mysterious artist, identified only by her Twitter handle @agito0219, has been creating intricate drawings of popular anime and comic book characters using living room carpets at home.
Her depiction of popular characters — from Naruto to Spider-Man — definitely exudes talent that fits right into any manga or anime studio.
After clearing her carpet with a vacuum cleaner, “Agito” brushes her carpet’s fibers against the grain, making use of the canvas’ negative space.
The finished work is always impressively detailed, earning admiration from her now multitude of online fans.
Try to keep your jaw from dropping while looking at this masterfully done Gundam mecha:
Netizens are further intrigued by her anonymity as she chooses to conceal her identity by wearing a mask when posting a picture of herself on social media.
While her actual Twitter account following has yet to explode, her work has been widely shared on other social media platforms after a Reddit user discovered her carpet masterpieces and posted them on the site’s major r/pics thread.
For more of Agito’s awesome carpet art, follow her on Twitter via her handle @agito0219.
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