‘My Korean Husband’ Creators Harassed By Sexist and Racist Haters on YouTube

Earlier this year, Hugh Gwon made headlines for his amazing fitness transformation, his weight loss journey striking a chord with netizens around the world.

Hugh decided to get in shape to be fit for fatherhood, calling the journey his “last chance”. With his wife, Nichola, pregnant with their first child, Hugh believed that he might never have another opportunity to lose weight; therefore, he shed his dad bod and got himself a “daddy” bod.

Ultimately, he was able to lose 22 kilos (48 pounds) in 23 weeks — a nice, soft landing into a fit fatherhood (becoming a dream daddy in the process).

And just like that, the Gwons were catapulted into social media stardom, with article after article being written about them.

via Twitter / MyKoreanHusband

Unfortunately, not all the attention they received was positive — although there was plenty of support and well-wishes for the Gwons and their growing family, there were those who had negative things to say, making comments about Nichola’s weight, accusing Hugh of getting plastic surgery, spreading rumors about an affair between Hugh and his personal trainer, resorting to racism, and even making fun of their baby son, Yul.





Nichola even posted some of the comments to her Twitter account.

Despite all the hate, the Gwons are happily enjoying their new life as a family of three.

Cheers to the beautiful family!

Featured Image via YouTube / MyKoreanHusband

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