Samsung’s new metaverse world My House hits over 4 million visits in less than a month

Samsung My House
  • Samsung Electronics’ new metaverse service My House, launched in collaboration with Naver’s 3D avatar platform Zepeto, has accumulated over 4 million visits in less than a month.
  • My House is a virtual home where users can test different Samsung products while decorating to their individual taste.
  • Lee Young-hee, the head of Samsung’s Global Marketing Center, is looking to find a better way to engage millennials and Gen Z through the metaverse.

Since the initial unveiling of Samsung’s metaverse service My House on Jan. 5, the platform has shown huge success, accumulating over 4 million visitors in less than a month.

The platform was launched at CES 2022, an annual tech show, where Samsung announced plans to introduce new appliances and products through My House while utilizing creative freedom features to draw in younger consumers. 

A collaboration with Naver’s 3D avatar platform Zepeto, My House is a metaverse service in which users can test out a variety of Samsung products and appliances while decorating and furnishing personalized virtual homes. From furniture and lighting to Samsung Electronic products, users have a wide range of features they can use to decorate their own virtual space to their individual taste, which allows for visitors to test out new products. 

Metaverse, released by Meta (formerly Facebook), is a platform that combines “multiple elements of technology, including virtual reality, augmented reality and video where users ‘live’ within a digital universe,” reported USA Today. Mark Zuckerberg hopes to see the metaverse become mainstream in five to 10 years.

My House allows younger consumers, largely Gen Z and millennials, to experience different Samsung products in an interactive and engaging way by giving them creative freedom in the testing phase. As a customer-oriented experience, the metaverse platform allows visitors to experience Samsung appliances and collect limited edition items. 

Feature Image via Samsung Newsroom

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