‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 trailer teases all-out war between heroes and villains

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 6 trailer teases all-out war between heroes and villains
Bryan Ke
June 20, 2022
A new “My Hero Academia” (“Boku no Hero Academia”) Season 6 trailer has been released, briefly showing Midoriya Izuku (Deku) and Katsuki Bakugo rushing into an all-out war between heroes and villains.
The one-minute trailer, released by Toho Animation on Sunday, teases what could be in store for Deku, his Class 1-A classmates, U.A. High School students and other heroes in Japan as they finally face off the organization of villains known as the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Some of the trailer’s highlights include Class 1-A joining the war, strangle Nomu-like creatures running through a dark hallway and No. 2 hero Hawks sporting a sinister look. The trailer ends with a glowy-eyed Shigaraki Tomura.
My Hero Academia” Season 6 will likely cover the Paranormal Liberation War arc, the final arc of the Rise of Villain saga. The saga kicked off with the Provisional Hero License Exam arc in Japan in June 2018.
The Paranormal Liberation arc, which ran for 54 chapters in the original manga, will see the heroes and heroes-in-training fight against the villains. Fans who are not up to date with the manga can reportedly expect heartbreaks and some huge revelations.
Promotional material has already been released in the lead-up to the premiere of Season 6, including two special OVAs (Original Video Animations). The two OVAs, which have reportedly been released in Japan, follow a quirk-fueled baseball game and Midoriya, Bakugo and Todoroki’s internship at Endeavor’s hero agency.
In a promotional visual posted by Crunchyroll on Twitter in March, the heroes can be seen rallying behind Endeavor.
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