This Sign That a Virginia Restaurant Put Up is Going Viral and Causing Outrage

This Sign That a Virginia Restaurant Put Up is Going Viral and Causing Outrage
Editorial Staff
By Editorial Staff
April 1, 2016
A business owner is drawing controversy for the unusual store policy sign he posted in his restaurant.
Among the nine points listed on the sign posted on Petersburg, Virginia-based Mun Cheese’s building are: “We are here 2 serve u, not 2 kiss ur a$$,” “No clothes no service (exception: women no clothes more service)” and “Due to da price increase 4 ammo… Do not expect a warning shot (for those who want 2 act a fool).”
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IS DIS FOR REAL? That's the question some are asking about this controversial sign at a local restaurant. Yes. It's real. I spoke to the owner:

Posted by Chris Thomas NBC12 on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

“When my son brought it to my attention I was like oh my God,” Annette Newsome-Ampy told NBC12. “This is my first time, but it will probably be my last.”
Although many are offended by the sign, Mun Cheese owner Mohamed Salama stands by his policies.
“Don’t bring the attitude and come and disrespect me,” said Salama. “You are very much unwanted in my store.”

WHOOPS, I DID IT AGAIN ….. apparently, I kicked a hornets nest last night when I posted that controversial sign…

Posted by NBC12 on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

He did, however, issue an apology.
“I really apologize. The most who got mad were my people,” said Salama. “I got people who came from the mosque trying to tell me you shouldn’t put your name like that because this is really not representing the name or the religion. I will take it off for them. I might just play a little bit with the words to not make it offend anybody.”
Salama, who is identified in his sign as “Da 1 who runs da MF,” told NBC12 he could only guarantee that he would remove his name from the sign.
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