Why Mulan is Actually the Deadliest Disney Princess Ever

Why Mulan is Actually the Deadliest Disney Princess EverWhy Mulan is Actually the Deadliest Disney Princess Ever
Khier Casino
June 16, 2017
The live-action remake of Disney’s “Mulan” isn’t expected to come out until November 2018, but we’re excited for a new generation of fans to witness how truly badass she is.
How tough is the iconic Disney character, you say?
YouTube channel Carnage Counts uploaded a video, titled How Many Kills in Mulan, which calculates the total number of deaths by the hands of the young warrior in the 1998 animated film.
From a handful of fish to launching fireworks rockets at the the main villain Shan Yu, the “Mulan Scoreboard” shows that she took more than 600 lives in the movie in a span of 87 minutes.
However, Movie Pilot points out that Mulan killed around 2,000 Huns by crushing them in an avalanche caused by a rocket.
While six of them survived the avalanche, including Shan Yu, the villain would later be killed by Mulan, bringing her total kill count 1,995 people.
That number is, of course, more than any other Disney princess OR Disney character if you omit characters like Darth Vader or villains from the Marvel cinematic universe from the main Disney universe.
She is also the first Disney princess to annihilate the main villain of her movie on-screen, Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog” being the second one.
Mulan may be considered a princess, but she disguised herself as a warrior to save her father and the Huns did not stand a chance.
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