This Iconic Japanese Company is Responsible For Those Viral Breakable Chopsticks

The source of the mysterious breakable chopsticks has been solved!
The thick top part of some disposable wooden chopsticks has recently been discovered to be a chopstick rest that keeps the ends of the utensils off the table while eating food.
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The mind-blowing discovery was spread all over the internet, but their origin still remained mysterious. Fortunately, the mystery has now been solved.

The chopstick rest was actually a prototype designed for an international contest held by MUJI, the simplistically hip Japanese company.
The final prototype and mock packaging of the innovative chopsticks is shown below.
The chopstick prototype was inspired by the Japanese toothpick design with an easily broken off notch at the end. It works the same way as the chopsticks by allowing the pointy end of the toothpick to rest off the table.
h/t: RocketNews24
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