Abusive Cafe Manager Caught On Video Screaming at Female Employee in Las Vegas

Abusive Cafe Manager Caught On Video Screaming at Female Employee in Las VegasAbusive Cafe Manager Caught On Video Screaming at Female Employee in Las Vegas
A manager at a cafe in downtown Las Vegas was exposed on video of work harassment by shouting and berating a female employee over tips. 
Filmed by employee Allyson Abelido at MTO Cafe, the video clip shows a manager identified as Young Lee shouting at a female employee for not working as hard and telling employees not to tip her out. 
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“That is not right. That is my tip money, and I deserve my tip money. And I’m taking it with me,” argued the female employee.
When another employee defended the victim by saying, “That’s not nice,” Lee responded loudly with, “I don’t give a f*ck about nice. You guys don’t do sh*t when I’m nice.”
The female employee then tried to avoid Lee by going through the back of the restaurant. However, the manager followed her and continued to berate her.
The footage was posted by employee Allyson Abelido on Twitter last Sunday and has since spread on other social media platforms, sparking outrage among netizens.  
“Work harassment is 100% real. Here is a video of my coworker being VERBALLY ABUSED by our manager. This is today at MTO Cafe (downtown location),” Abelido wrote.
Abelido narrated how the incident began with Lee walking in after a busy shift and criticized the work of tired employees. One employee earned Lee’s ire after trying to explain that everybody worked hard that day.
“I wish I can say this was an isolated incident, but as an employee for almost 6 years, I can guarantee you this has happened before,” she added. “We get berated SO MUCH, that we have almost become numb to it. But I’ve had enough.”
Former employees also took to Twitter to back Abelido on her claims.
Netizens then flooded the business’ Yelp page with one-star reviews, while leaving comments that criticized the manager’s abusive treatment of employees.
In response to the negative Yelp reviews, MTO Cafe co-owner Ben Sabouri responded:
“We have taken the necessary steps to swiftly terminate the manager. We are deeply saddened and disturbed by what has come to our attention today. Here at MTO Café, this goes against our core beliefs and values as a company, owners, and team. We do not believe in treating our team members this way and unequivocally stand with our team. We apologize to our team as the actions of this individual do not represent our values.”
Abelido also shared that the incident prompted both her and the woman in the video, along with other employees, to quit their jobs at the cafe.
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