Mr. Gay Japan 2018 Proposes to Boyfriend at This Year’s Finals and My Cold Heart is Melting

Gay Japan

Shogo Kemmoku, winner of the first Mr. Gay Japan pageant in 2018, surprised the audience at this year’s finals when he proposed to his longtime boyfriend onstage.

Kemmoku popped the question while giving his final speech at the ceremony in Tokyo, where some 150 guests attended Sunday.


Aside from thanking those who supported him throughout his reign, Shogo introduced Geoff, his boyfriend of eight years, to the crowd.

“He didn’t know what was going on because I was only speaking in Japanese, and he doesn’t know much Japanese,” he told Hornet. “Then I looked in his eyes and popped the question.”


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【審査員紹介】 今年は審査員として参加します♫ LもGもBもTもQもIもAもストレートもアライも大人も子どももみーんな大歓迎! 3/31(日) 原宿のCase Bにてお待ちしております! I’ll be one of the judges this year at MR GAY JAPAN🇯🇵 All genders all age welcome! Hope to see you all on March 31st at Harajuku Case B 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 SHOGO MR GAY JAPAN SHOGO 高校生のときに単身渡豪し、その後現地で8年間教師として生活。2018年に一時帰国し日本でも教鞭をとる。 オーストラリアの教育現場の経験から性教育の大切さを訴え、2018年初代ミスター・ゲイ・ジャパンに選ばれる。 日本初参加となったミスター・ゲイ・ワールドの世界大会では、世界のLGBTQ+の問題を知ることを通して、日本国内の課題を見つめ直す。 2018年代表として1年間の取り組みを通す中、事情があり、なかなか表に出てこない当事者達の声に気づき、代弁者として活動したいと感じるようになる。 孤独になりがちな当事者達、言語の壁で正しいHIVや性感染症に関する最新の情報にアクセスできない在日外国人のためのコミュニティスペース”NOT ALONE CAFE”を支援。 現役教師として働きながらミスター・ゲイ・ジャパンとしてメディア等でセクシャリティ教育の重要さを訴える。 “LGBT”を楽しいシンボル、加えて”GAY”本来の意味である「陽気」「のんき」と言ったポジティブイメージの普及に努める。 今後は引き続き初代ミスター・ゲイ・ジャパンとして国内外とのネットワークと協力し、当事者たちが抱える様々な問題のサポートに取り組みたいと考えている。 #mrgayjapan #mgj #equality #visibility #diversity #inclusion #SOGI #lgbtq+ #SDGs #ミスターゲイジャパン #ゲイ #可視化 #多様性 #同性婚 #社会課題 #gayjapan #性教育 #生教育 #mrgayjapanshogo #gx3underwear #mrgayworld

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A video of the scene shows Shogo proclaiming his love to Geoff before getting on one knee and offering a ring.

“I cannot begin to imagine my life without you. And I’m gonna ask you one question,” he said, drawing cheers from the audience.

Image via YouTube / Mr. Gay Japan

To his and everybody’s delight, Geoff said yes!

Image via YouTube / Mr. Gay Japan

Shogo said that he never told anyone about his plan to propose, including the organizers of the pageant. However, he decided to pop the question at the venue as it was the same place he had been awarded the title exactly a year ago.


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【the differences】 : As my new article cane out, I had people agreeing or disagreeing with how I view the world. : Recognizing the difference is a first step to understand the other. : Celebrate the differences, not reject! : And.. remind yourself to smile when the day gets harder. . . Photographer @kanakobb from @soar_world. . . 「違い」を認識することは他者への理解への第一歩です。 . でも「あなたはこう思ってるかもしれないけど、私はこう思うの!」と意固地になってはせっかく認識できた「違い」への思考が止まってしまいます。 : 「なんでそう思うんだろう」とか「そういう見方もあるのか」と考えた方が視野も広がるんじゃないかな、と思います。 : #mrgayjapan #gay #lgbt #lgbtq #diversity #differentopinions #understandingother #smile #perception #japan #tokyo #shibuya #asiangay #gayasian #japanesegay #東京 #渋谷 #mgj #mrgayworld #teacher #gayteacher

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“A year ago, I became first ever MR GAY JAPAN and I have learnt so much from so many people,” Shogo wrote in an Instagram post. “The room was filled with love and support and I couldn’t think any other place than there to pop the question.”

Shogo’s proposal comes as Japan faces the first lawsuits seeking its recognition of same-sex marriages. Thirteen same-sex couples filed such actions simultaneously in February, arguing on the basis of constitutionality, according to The Japan Times.

For now, parts of the country recognize same-sex partnerships, which only guarantee benefits such as life insurance money and family member discounts to certain services.

Featured Images: Screenshots via YouTube / Mr. Gay Japan

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