Mom Unleashes Racist Tirade at Asian Woman Over Subway Seat in NYC

Mom Unleashes Racist Tirade at Asian Woman Over Subway Seat in NYCMom Unleashes Racist Tirade at Asian Woman Over Subway Seat in NYC
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June 5, 2018
This is the disturbing moment when an altercation over seats broke out between two women on a bus, which lead to the younger unleashing a racist tirade at the elderly one.
The incident, which took place in New York City, was caught in a two-minute video posted on YouTube on June 2.
The video begins with a clear shot of a deep-voiced woman yelling at an older Asian woman. The agitated woman was angry because her daughters, seated next to the elderly woman, were forced to share a seat because a man, who had previously been sitting in the Asian woman’s spot, had refused to get up. When he saw the elderly Asian woman, however, he stood up so that she could sit down.
The girls, thinking that he stood up so that they could each have a seat, readjusted thusly, but the Asian woman motioned for them to go back to sharing a seat so that she could sit. That’s when “the fireworks happened,” according to Mifan Films.
“Get the f*ck out of here. Going to put my child out of a seat because my daughter is Spanish and she’s Chinese. You going to get up for her to sit down,” screamed the mother.
The elderly woman stared at her calmly as the angry woman continued to berate her. “Mind your language,” said the old woman.
“Mind your ass and move it before I kick you!” the mother snarled back. “B*tch, I will move you off that seat — try me!” she continued, clapping her hands together menacingly.
The mother then decided to make good on her threats to remove her from the seat by motioning to her daughters to take action. “Push her! Push her! Push her off the seat. Go ahead b*tch.”
The old woman was forcefully pushed by the girls, but not enough for her to vacate the seat completely. Scrambling back into a seated position, the old woman regained her composure, which further angered the mother. She shot up from her seat and grabbed the elderly woman, throwing her from her chair onto the floor.
“Don’t play with my daughter, b*tch!” she screamed as she blocked the old woman from getting back on the seat with her body.
The old woman, helped to her feet by a random stranger, decided to stand instead of trying to sit down again. “Mind your language,” she said. “I’m going to call the police.”
“This ain’t your country,” the woman bellowed back venomously. “Welcome to America!”
The altercation now slowly de-escalating, the angry woman continued to loudly voice her displeasure at the situation. Another person off-camera, perhaps the elderly woman, told the mother that she was “crazy.”
This caused the agitated woman’s blood to boil again. “You’re right, I am crazy!” she shouted. “B*tch, I’ll spit at you!” she said, getting up from her seat and moving off-camera. She then proceeded to hock a loogie, presumably at the elderly woman.
It was at this point she noticed that the altercation had been filmed. “What you recording, my d*ck in your mouth?” she screamed at the cameraperson, who abruptly moved their phone and stopped filming.
Commenters were mostly shocked at the woman’s behavior.
“Lunatics. Call the police, it’s not safe to be around people who can’t control their anger,” said one.
“There has never been a more worthless and deleterious type of creature that has roamed the earth,” said another.
Still, there were those who were sympathetic.
“From what I see the Asian lady is trying to take the seat of the child,” said one. “I have taken many train rides in New York when I lived there and now I live in the San Francisco Bay area and I see people fighting for seats also here. This happens all the time during rush hour. This mom has every right to be angry for this Asian lady trying to take the Child’s seat. I would have been angry also if someone tries to push my child over and take the seat my child was sitting in.”
Images via YouTube / Mifan Films
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