Mother Commits Suicide Because Her Son’s Fiancée Is Too Short, Father Tries Next

A mother in China jumped to her death after failing to accept that her son will be married to a short woman.

The unidentified 47-year-old mother plunged into a river in Henan province, central China.

Initial reports claimed that she killed herself because their family could not afford the car demanded by the bride as dowry.

However, police stated on Tuesday that the true reason behind the suicide is that she could not accept the bride’s height, according to Beijing Youth Daily (via Sina News).

She reportedly rode an electric car on her way to the river.

Authorities located the woman’s body on Nov. 17, AsiaOne reported.

A footage shows that her husband became too emotional and jumped into the river as their son followed to save him.

Thankfully, both were rescued by the police.

Watch the events after her discovery.

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