Mother in China is More Concerned With Cost of Window Than Her Trapped Baby

While frugality is often regarded as an admirable virtue, too much of it may also lead to some dangerous consequences.

Such is the case of a mother in China, who, even when faced with an emergency situation, got her frugality in the way of making a life-saving decision.

At a parking area in Chongqing, an unnamed woman’s 1-year-old baby got trapped inside a sweltering car and was in need of dire saving, Shanghaiist reports.

However, when firefighters arrived at the scene and were about to smash the car’s window, the mom blurted out one question for them: “Which window would be the cheapest to replace?”

Only after the rescuers responded that the passenger side window would be the least expensive, that the mom allowed them to bust the window open and finally free the locked baby.

The video of the incident became widely shared on social media, earning massive backlash from netizens.

Outraged commenters bashed the mother for her stinginess which made it appear that she cared more about money than she does her own child.

Earlier this month, another mom got internet-famous for almost the same situation. After rescuers saved her unconscious child from a locked car, her first question to the officers was who would be paying her for the window repair.

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