Mother Cat Desperately Tries to Revive Kittens Who Were Brutally Murdered in the Streets of China

A heartbreaking scene unfolded in Xi’an, China when a mother cat was spotted trying to revive her dead kittens who were murdered at the hands of an unknown animal killer.

A local woman, surnamed Yang, has taken care of homeless cats in her neighborhood for years. She happened upon the unfortunate scene one morning, noticing that one kitten had been brutally stabbed to death while the other was decapitated, according to Sina.

The mother cat was spotted meowing, licking and nudging her kittens to try to wake them up.

In the end, Mrs. Yang buried the two kittens while the mother watched closely. The disgusting and cruel act shocked many on Weibo who condemned the behavior in comments:

“You may dislike cats, but please do not hurt them!”

“Was this done by a human being? 😡”

“This was insane! Poor kittens!”

Rest in peace poor kittens.

h/t: Shanghaiist
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