Sorry in advance: Mother and child in China pass out earplugs and candy on plane to fellow passengers before takeoff

mom and toddler handout notes

To apologize in advance for any noise her toddler may make during a flight, a Chinese mother and her 20-month-old son handed out 100 gift bags containing candy and ear plugs to passengers.

The mother, surnamed Wang, and her son, who reside in Jilin province of northeastern China, have gone viral for a video on Weibo showing the two handing out goody bags during the flight. Wang prepared the gift bags prior to their departure from Taiyuan, Shanxi province in northern China. 

Once Wang and her son boarded the 2.5-hour flight on Saturday, they began handing out the goody bags before take-off.  

In the video, the mother and her toddler walk down the aisle and approach each passenger with a small gift bag. In addition to the candy and earplugs, each bag contained a colorful thank you note with a hand-drawn cartoon of animals.

“My son is 20 months old and may get out of control and cry. I am afraid that he may disturb other passengers, so I’d better remind them ahead of the flight,” Wang says in the video. “If parents show an attitude of gratitude and offer an apology to fellow passengers, I believe they can put up with the children.”

Weibo users praised the mother for her considerate gesture.

“I estimate this [child] will not have that kind of problem. The quality and pattern of the parents can be seen,” one user wrote.

“Mom is really educated,” another user commented.

The video has garnered over 6.1 million views and 114,300 likes since being uploaded on Sunday.


Featured Image via Weibo

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