Most Americans would support Taiwan amid China invasion: poll

Most Americans would support Taiwan amid China invasion: pollMost Americans would support Taiwan amid China invasion: poll
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A majority of Americans would support recognizing Taiwan as an independent country if China were to invade the self-governing island, the annual Reagan National Defense Survey shows.
Key findings: According to the public opinion poll from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute, 72% of Americans would support the official recognition of Taiwan during an invasion, but only 46% would support the U.S. in sending troops to defend the island, which Beijing considers to be Chinese territory.
The survey also indicates that 77% of Americans now view China as an enemy, while only 15% consider it as an ally. Additionally, 73% voiced apprehension regarding a possible Chinese military invasion of Taiwan.
Involving U.S. military: Respondents were more inclined to support the U.S. military’s involvement in Taiwan’s defense after learning about its democratically elected government and its role as the world’s largest producer of advanced semiconductors.
To deter an invasion, 60% supported increasing the U.S. military presence near Taiwan and 55% favored boosting U.S. arms sales to the island. 
About the survey: The survey, conducted from Oct. 27 to Nov. 5, gathered responses from 2,506 American adults, with a margin of error of plus/minus 2.0 percentage points. Check out the rest of the findings here.
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