Take a Look at the Unseen Beauty of China in This Epic Travel Video

Take a Look at the Unseen Beauty of China in This Epic Travel Video
Ryan General
November 29, 2016
A French filmmaker recently created a virtual tour of China, featuring some of the best sites the country has to offer.
Morgan Jouquand produced an exhilarating video titled “MINZU” that would wake up the travel bug in anyone and just make one want to travel around China too. According to Jouquand, the mini-documentary features “an exploration of China through its different regions: Beijing, Shaanxi, Sichuan and Guangxi.”
Some of the sites prominently featured in the video include Yangshuo’s wide open scenery and the colorful streets of Xi’an’s Muslim Quarter, among others. The featured sites are occasionally interspersed with scenes in the filmmaker’s bus and train commute as if he is taking the viewer along with him in his trip.
In the video’s description, Jouquand revealed that featuring China in a mini film is part of his one year tour around the world.
“This trip allowed me to encounter the different populations of this immense country,” he wrote. “This is why I decided to name this project Minzu, which is the Chinese word for nation but also refers to the numerous ethnies this nation is comprised of.”
Jouquand is an independent filmmaker and art director from Toulouse, France, who has been producing commercials, films, photography, graphic design, and motion design since 2010.
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