Monstrous $100 ‘Godzilla Gyoza’ in Tokyo is Free If You Can Finish It

Monstrous $100 ‘Godzilla Gyoza’ in Tokyo is Free If You Can Finish ItMonstrous $100 ‘Godzilla Gyoza’ in Tokyo is Free If You Can Finish It
There is a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan that challenges its customers to finish a whole order of gyoza in under an hour — if they are able to finish it, it’s free, but the catch is that the size of this monster is equivalent to 100 pieces of normal gyoza serving.
This challenge can be found in Kagurazaka Hanten in Tokyo, known as the home of the most famous jumbo food challenges in the capital. For this specific challenge, customers are dared to finish a humongous serving of gyoza that is believed to weigh more than 5.5 pounds (2.4 kilograms) in one hour or less by themselves.
And just like any challenges, food related or not, this also comes with its own rules that those who wish to give it a shot must adhere to.
A person would most definitely have trouble finishing this Mount Everest of a Japanese dumpling. Notice how big it is when they try to cut it in half!
One can’t help but admit that the inside, which consists of minced pork and other vegetables all wrapped by a delicious-looking dough, looks tasty. And look at that oozing oil!
At a glance, it looks like the challenge is somewhat doable, according to Red Duck Post who took on the challenge.
It turns out, however, that it is so excruciatingly difficult to pull through that the person eating the challenge had to resort to using soy sauce.
In the end, the person in the video only managed to finish half of the Godzilla gyoza despite the aid of soy sauce.
This, of course, wouldn’t be a real challenge without the ultimate prize. If you finish this whole serving, you get it for free. But if you don’t, you have to cough up 10,080 Japanese yen ($97) for the meal.
Think you are brave enough to take on the challenge?
Images screenshot via Facebook / Red Duck Post
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