Monster Fetishizes Asian Woman to Sell Their New ‘Dragon Tea’ Drinks

Monster’s promotion for its new line of energy drink, “Dragon Tea,” may leave a sour taste in the mouth for many in the Asian community.


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Transcend with the all-new #MonsterEnergy #DragonTea 🐉 available at a US 🇺🇸 store near you!

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The new advertisement, which was posted on the company’s Instagram account on March 26, displays the three flavors of their “Dragon Tea”: Green Tea, Yerba Mate, and White Tea.

However, what doesn’t sit too well with many netizens is the company’s decision to incorporate a half-naked Asian woman with a back tattoo of the Monster logo and a dragon, as she stands in front of an “Asian mountain art” backdrop. A scroll back through Monster’s other posts also highlights the absence of sexualizing any other women in when promoting their drinks.

So far, most of the comments in the comment section are filled with people excited for this new line of energy drinks. All but one IG user came forward in the comment section to point out (sarcastically) what Monster did for the promotion of the “Dragon Tea.”

The fetshization of Asian women and culture has long been a problematic tendency in the media, objectifying Asian women as submissive, exotic and over-sexualized beings.

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