Monkey on a Motorcycle Grabs and Drags Little Girl Down Street in Indonesia

monkey kidnapping

A distressing video showing a monkey on a bike grabbing and dragging a toddler down a road in Indonesia went viral earlier this week.

The incident was recorded in Tanjungsari Village, Indonesia, according to Daily Mail.

In the video, which was posted online by American basketball player Rex Chapman, a monkey on a bike is seen speeding down a narrow street before stopping in front of a bench where a woman and her three daughters were sitting.

The monkey then grabbed one of the girls and dragged her a few feet away from where her mother was sitting.

Witnesses shouted at the monkey and a man can be seen walking towards the animal to scare it off. The crying child was able to get up and run back to her mother.

One Twitter user pointed out that the monkey was part of a kidnapping scheme. The monkey, which is allegedly trained to grab children, is tied to a rope and after a successful grab, the person on the other end pulls the animal and child together.

Another user echoed the same speculation and added that if the plan fails, the rope is let go so the monkey can take the fall.

However, another user suggested this could be a street performing monkey and the owner was pulling on the rope to stop the animal’s attack on the child.

A few people can be seen on the street at the start of the video playing instruments which explains the background music.

Screenshot via @RexChapman

People in the Twitter thread were confused about what they witnessed.

Feature Image Screenshot via @RexChapman

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