Zoo Monkey in China Takes Keeper’s Phone to Go Online Shopping for Her


A zoo monkey in China was able to make an online purchase after its keeper forgot to bring her phone with her when she went out to get food for the animal.

The astonishing moment happened on Wednesday at the Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou, Jiangsu province, China, according to Jiangsu TV via Daily Mail.


Lv Mengmeng, the zoo worker, said she was checking daily necessities on an e-commerce site while using her phone when she realized the monkey was hungry. She reportedly forgot to bring her phone with her when she got up to get some food.

When she entered her office, Lv saw a few order confirmations for the items she did not purchase. After checking the surveillance camera, she discovered the monkey had taken her phone and began playing with the screen.

Screenshot via Jiangsu TV

Lv was reportedly checking out and marking items on the site ahead of an annual sale before she went to fetch food for the monkey. However, her plan to take advantage of the Single’s Day sale ended suddenly as the monkey accidentally emptied her shopping cart.

The monkey was able to learn how to shop online by observing Lv.

“The money has been brought up by me. We spend most of the time together,” the keeper told the network. “I like playing on my phone and I like playing on my phone next to it. It has seen me placing orders on Taobao (Chinese e-commerce site).”

Screenshot via Jiangsu TV

As for the items purchased by the monkey, Lv said she will keep them as they are considered as daily necessities.

Feature Image Screenshot via Jiangsu TV

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