money-man-arrested-for-cash-from-building Man High on Meth Stops Traffic by Throwing Money From Building in China

Man High on Meth Stops Traffic by Throwing Money From Building in China


A man in China was arrested for disturbing traffic after he dropped paper money from his apartment window into the busy streets below.


Making it rain: The 29-year-old man was allegedly high on methamphetamine when he started dropping banknotes from the 30th floor of a building in Chongqing, China on Oct. 17, The Guardian reported.

  • The unnamed suspect, who reportedly took drugs, was “in a trance” during the stunt, according to authorities. 
  • Footage of money raining down from the building emerged on local media, generating over half a million views across platforms. 
  • In the video, drivers can be seen leaving their vehicles in the middle of the road to join pedestrians in trying to catch some free cash.
  • The incident caused traffic to stop completely.

Not everyone was amused: Local authorities responded to a complaint over the disturbance and arrested the man over drug charges. 

  • In a statement, the police revealed the man is receiving treatment as the case remains under investigation.
  • It was not revealed in the reports how much money was thrown by the man. 
  • Similar cases of people disturbing traffic after throwing away money have been reported in China in the past.

Feature Image via 日橋在线

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