Dad Helps Daughter Make a Money Bouquet Birthday Gift, But Doesn’t Know It’s Actually for Him

money bouquet

A Twitter user shared a heartwarming story of how her father helped her make a money bouquet but didn’t know that the gift was meant for him.

The story was shared online on July 25 by Salwani (@chipchipnoi), according to World of Buzz. It is unclear how much the money bouquet costs.

In the post, the user said her father came to help them make the money bouquet.

“The problem now is that the bouquet was meant for his birthday this upcoming Hari Raya Haji,” Salwani said. “But the owner himself is decorating the bouquet as we lied to him saying it’s for a booking. It’s so difficult to act! He’s the only treasure we have left in this world.”

Salwani reportedly said her father is the only parent she has left. She wished her father to have a healthy and long life.

“Give me more time to repay all that you did for me,” Salwani said.

To an extent, giving someone a bouquet made out of money is common in Asia.

In 2017, a Chinese man gave his girlfriend a money bouquet that costs $1,450. In 2018, a Thai woman went viral for giving her boyfriend a $3,100 money bouquet for Valentine’s Day. Last month, a Singaporean man gave his wife a $700 cash bouquet as a wedding anniversary gift.

Feature Image via @chipchipnoi

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