Moms Brutally Fight Over Parking Spot at School in China While Crying Children Watch

Two mothers found themselves in a fierce catfight over a parking issue during the first day of school in southeastern China.

The incident, caught on camera, took place on September 2 at a primary school in Yunfu, Guangdong Province.

As seen in the video, the mothers — one in a red top and another in black — fought with each other as onlookers watched on the side.

Believed to be their children, a boy and a girl are seen crying near the mothers.

The pair reportedly fought because on woman’s car blocked the other woman’s car.

“I asked her to move but she refused. Then I tried to go from the other side, but she stood right in front of me and did not let me pass,” Daily Mail quoted the woman in red as explaining in a text message.

The fight came to an end when another mother stepped in.

Netizens condemned the mothers’ behavior (via

“These women opened the first day of school with an ugly lesson.”

“The names of these women should be published and they should apologize to the community.”

“Shameful parents, really shameful faces.”

“Just look how damaged their children are.”

“It seems these mothers did not go to school after all.”

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