Mom in Thailand Who Threatened to Strangle Son in Video to Husband Released After Arrest

Mom in Thailand Who Threatened to Strangle Son in Video to Husband Released After Arrest
Bryan Ke
August 18, 2017
A Thai mother who was arrested by Bangkok police for threatening to strangle her son on film if the child’s father didn’t answer her calls was released shortly afterwards.
The clip was posted online by worried family members after the 28-year-old wife and mom, Nareumon Jampasert, threatened her 32-year-old husband, Jakrit Saisupan, by almost strangling their 1-year-old son, Theeradej Saisupan.
An infuriated Jampasert can be seen in the video holding her son up to the camera, with a black rope tied around his neck. She can also be heard threatening to kill their son if her husband refused to come home, according to Daily Mail.
You see, Joe. You care about people a lot. This is your son. This is a rope. Look at him. He not dead. I have not killed him yet. Look at him,” Jampasert said to the camera.
“I will take him to die somewhere. You have to wait to see me today. If you don’t come back to take him, you have to wait to see what happens today,” she added. “You don’t answer your phone, yeah?”
Jampasert reportedly broke down in tears while she was speaking with the police to justify her actions. She told the authorities that she was under heavy stress due to her online store’s low sales and feared her husband might be cheating on her.
I’m hurting a lot. The first thing I was thinking was that I wanted to kill myself,” she said.
“I did this to the baby because I wasn’t thinking, and I was emotional. In my heart I’m thinking my husband does not care about his son, does not care about his wife,” Jampasert went on. “I took the baby and I wanted to do something to make my husband hurt. I took the video and sent it to him.”
Jampasert then continued to note that she calmed down after she spoke with her sister-in-law and the rest of her husband’s family.
A spokesperson referred to the incident as a “family disagreement” and will not proceed with the charges against the mother. According to Lt. Col. Samat Gringaew, no one will take care of the baby if Jampasert gets thrown in prison.
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