Mom Gives Birth to ‘World’s First Uber Baby’ on the Way to Hospital

Mom Gives Birth to ‘World’s First Uber Baby’ on the Way to HospitalMom Gives Birth to ‘World’s First Uber Baby’ on the Way to Hospital
Baby on board! A Brooklyn mom has given birth in an Uber.
We’ve all heard the stories of a baby being born in the back of a car or a yellow cab. Now we can add Uber to the list.
After a pregnant Brooklyn woman woke up with contractions yesterday, her husband used the Uber app and was able to track down a car within five minutes of their Crown Heights vicinity. But on the way to the hospital — 12 miles away from the couple’s apartment — she gave birth in the back seat. It’s the first baby ever to be born in an Uber.
David Horvitz, 33, hailed the Nissan Altima Uber from his smartphone at around 5 in the morning on Monday after his wife, Zanna Gilbert, 34, experienced contractions, reports The New York Post. On the way to Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Gilbert gave birth. Horvitz told the New York tabloid:

“I always wanted to catch the baby. And I got to — but I didn’t think I’d be the only one there to do the catching.”

The baby, named Eva Melanie Horvitz, was born in an Uber driven by Germaine Allen, 32, on 57th and Park Avenue, 41 blocks south of Mount Sinai. Horvitz said,

“I just kept telling the driver I was sorry. But he said, ‘Don’t worry that was amazing!’ ”

Allen is often asked what’s the oddest thing to have happened in his car. He said, “Now I have a story.”
Josh Mohrer, a general manager for Uber in New York, added:

“This is one of those only-in-New-York stories. As a new dad myself, I am thrilled to send our best wishes to the happy family, and especially to the new Uber baby.”

So now we can say that a baby was born by using an app!
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