Mom Forces Toddler to Sit in Parking Space for 20 Minutes to Save Her Spot

A Malaysian mom has received a ton of online hate and criticism after letting her young boy sit on the vacant asphalt area under the sunny sky for 20 full minutes — all to help her secure a parking spot.
The photo of the toddler, who patiently waited for his mom as she reserved the parking spot for their car, immediately went viral online after a passerby uploaded it on Facebook on Monday. Majority of the netizens who commented slammed the mother for being careless in leaving the young boy unattended in a public area.
The head-scratching incident reportedly happened in Jalan Kuchai Lama business area in Kuala Lumpur. The Star Online reported that the area is known for its heavy traffic and finding a favorable parking spot is terribly difficult.
The concerned citizen who posted the image noted that the mother took 20 minutes before returning to the spot where she made her child sit and wait. At first, he thought the boy was lost but after asking him what he was doing there, the kid revealed that his mother had instructed him to sit and wait on the parking spot.
The Facebook post has so far been shared more than 8,200 times as of this writing.
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