Mom Forces Teen Daughter to Have Sex With Elderly Man For Money

A Thai mother was charged with human trafficking and procuring an underage girl for prostitution after forcing her own underage daughter to sleep with a much older man in exchange for money.

According to local authorities, the victim was 13 years old when the crime was initiated in the Kan Tang district of Trang in Thailand, the Nation reported.

The arrangement was reportedly continued with the assistance of the girl’s grandmother until the girl became pregnant with the  72-year-old customer’s baby. The victim, who gave birth in March this year, is now 15-years-old and now being cared for by Songkhla Home for Children.

The 66-year-old grandmother was arrested on Tuesday and faced the same charges as the 42-year-old woman. The elderly customer was also apprehended and charged with rape, according to Trang police.

The mother, who was living in another province with a new husband, has denied the allegations and maintained that the grandmother never told her of the daughter’s pregnancy, claiming that she has only found out about the young girl’s condition after social welfare officials sought for her permission to admit the child and the baby in the foster home.

Despite government crackdowns on human trafficking, incidence of the crime remain high. Government figures reveal a significant increase from the year 2014 with 595 victims to 720 victims of all types in 2015. The US State Department rated Thailand as a “Tier 2 Watchlist” nation for human trafficking in its latest (2016) report, one step above the Tier 3 rating for countries with the worst human-trafficking records.

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