Mom Who Forced Her Son to Bring 33 lb of Pancakes Home Makes Us Miss Our Asian Moms

It is not unusual for the vacationing Chinese to bring a little something back to the city after celebrating the Spring Festival holiday with relatives in their hometowns.

Many citybound travelers would be carrying various kinds of treats their families have packed for them to take home.

One man from Nanjing, however, took it a little far by trying to bring too much Jianbing (something like a large Chinese crêpe) on his trip home, causing his baggage to become 15 kg (33 lb) overweight.

According to Sina (via Shanghaiist), an unnamed local tourist was seen bringing out an enormous heap of the jianbing out of his luggage inside the Nanjing Lukou International Airport on Thursday.

The thin pancakes, along with some other treats, were reportedly packed by his mom inside his bag but had to be taken out due to their massive weight.

Of course, any jianbing-loving person wouldn’t let the pile of Jianbing go to waste, so he just carried them aboard the plane instead. 

Fortunately, the airport staff allowed him to bring the jianbing on board. They were probably tucked in safely in the overhead compartment bin.

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