Mom Finds Human Thumb in Her Child’s Ramen at Japanese Restaurant

What was supposed to be an enjoyable dining experience turned horrible for one mom who found something unusual in her child’s ramen.
Last month, while dining at a branch of the Kourakuen ramen restaurant chain in Shizuoka Prefecture, a mom found what she thought was a portion of human thumb in the ramen her child had been eating, RocketNews24 said.
She informed the staff of her discovery and headed to the city health center, where she filed an official complaint.
To her horror, authorities confirmed that the thing she found was a fingertip, measuring one-centimeter (0.4-inch) wide and 0.7 – 0.8 millimetre (0.3-inch) long.
She certainly knew it was one, thanks to the nail attached.
According to the restaurant, a part-time worker unfortunately cut the top of her right hand’s thumb while slicing roasted pork.
Worse, that portion got into the child’s bowl of supposedly appetizing noodles.
The branch was eventually ordered to confirm that no other contamination occurred, in addition to disinfecting all their cooking utensils.
While the situation seemed under control, diners will find it hard to forget. Shocked Japanese netizens commented over Yahoo:
“I don’t want to imagine.”
“Whether the person in question did not notice.”
“I feel bad. Imagine if the child ate it because it was irresistible.”
“I wonder if the employee still had work.”
“I feel like no longer eating [ramen].”
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