Mom in China Discovers Bloody Diapers After Baby Was Sexually Abused by Family Friend

Mom in China Discovers Bloody Diapers After Baby Was Sexually Abused by Family Friend

April 25, 2017
A devastated mother in China was horrified to find out that her baby daughter, who’s just 16 months old, had been sexually abused, allegedly, by her male friend.
Ms. Wang, the mother of the young victim, reportedly agreed to a friend’s offer to take care of her baby for 40 minutes in her house in the Xikou town of Zhejiang province. The date of the incident was not reported.
When the mom returned, she noticed that her daughter looked eerily dull, Modern Express (via Daily Mail).
Thinking that it was due to her wet diaper, Wang decided to replace it to make the baby feel comfortable.
“My daughter was unusually upset when I tried to remove her pants,” said Wang, who then burst into tears after finding her daughter’s pants and diaper were dripping with blood.
She rushed her bleeding daughter to the hospital where she was later told that her baby’s hymen had been broken. The young victim survived but sustained severe vaginal lacerations that needed to be stitched.
According to the doctors, such wounds are signs that the victim was sexually attacked. Wang was then advised to report the incident to the authorities.
Soon enough, the Xikou Public Security Bureau arrested Wang’s egg-seller friend who is now in his 50s.
Chinese netizens who flooded the Chinese social media with comments about the incident have expressed nothing but outrage toward the suspect.
“I am trembling with anger while reading this,” wrote one Weibo user. 
“Even if that’s a close friend, the parent should not let her child out of sight,” another netizen opined.
“She is only 16 months old and she has not even started talking. God knows how it will impact the rest of her life,” a user was quoted as saying.
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