Mom, 63 and Daughters 41, 40 And 36 Stuns The Internet With Their Youthful Looks

Mom, 63 and Daughters 41, 40 And 36 Stuns The Internet With Their Youthful LooksMom, 63 and Daughters 41, 40 And 36 Stuns The Internet With Their Youthful Looks
A family of four women in Taiwan has been attracting attention for their youthful appearances that revealing their actual ages may seem like a joke.
Lure (41)
The women started making headlines when 41-year-old Lure Hsu, an interior designer and fashion blogger, shared her photos online.
Netizens discovered soon enough that her mother and sisters look very young, too!
Left to Right: Sharon (36), their mother (63) and Lure
From the photos, their mother, a retired dancer, could be easily mistaken for a model well in her 30s (or even younger), but she’s actually 63!
Left to Right: Lure, Fayfay (40) and Sharon
Meanwhile, Lure’s sisters Fayfay and Sharon are 40 and 36, respectively, but look just like college students.
According to Fayfay, their 74-year-old father looks young, too, but does not take photos because he’s shy.
For this reason, Taiwanese media have dubbed them the “family of frozen ages”.
What could be their secret?!
It turns out the family works their magic with hydration and proper diet. In an interview with local magazine Friday, Lure said that the key is to drink water and eat vegetables, the Daily Mail noted.
She added that moisturizing helps so “you don’t even need to worry about aging and wrinkles.”
Fayfay, who happens to be a mother of two, also stressed the importance of drinking water — and lots of it. She swears by a glass of lukewarm water every morning for more than a decade already, having at least 300 ml.
She also moisturizes after getting up in the morning and before going to bed at night.
Fayfay and her daughters, aged 8 and 10
Fayfay also shared that she’s often mistaken as her daughters’ older sister!
Sharon, who is a celebrity in Taiwan, puts a premium on protecting her skin from the sun, and uses face masks to stay hydrated after exposure.
Interestingly, she opened a beauty parlor in Taipei for fans who would like to stay beautiful and keep their youthful looks, too.
With such looks, it’s not surprising that the Hsu family is turning heads wherever they go.
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