This Might Just Be the Most Adorable Cat in Hong Kong Right Meow

This is Molly, a year-and-a-half old British Shorthair Golden Shade breed who has amassed a respectable following on social media for her undeniable appeal.

Look at how adorable she is!

This furball from Hong Kong has mesmerizing eyes that can melt hearts …

… or pierce the soul.

Her loveable antics are showcased on her Facebook page which has over 20,000 likes, and Instagram profile with more than 16,000 followers.

Her photos not only highlight her innate cuteness but also reveal her playful personality, which adds to her charm.

Like your typical Instagram celebrity, Molly knows her best angles and strikes poses effortlessly.

Her style is always on point, especially when she is all dolled up by her owner.

She can also be shy at times.

But she’s usually up and about, curiously interacting with her surroundings.

Even in her least engaging mood, she still manages to captivate.

And when she is in her usual cheery self, she shines like the true star that she is.

Don’t ever change, Molly!

You’re just too cute!

Images via Instagram / molly_nudee

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