Aspiring Model Gets 20 Months in Jail For Falsely Accusing Asian Cab Drivers of Rape

Aspiring Model Gets 20 Months in Jail For Falsely Accusing Asian Cab Drivers of Rape

June 10, 2020
An up-and-coming model in England has been put behind bars for falsely claiming she was raped by an Asian cab driver. 
This isn’t the first time: Prior to her arrest, 27-year-old Victoria Hoynes was found to have falsely accused two taxi drivers, Rajiv Asghar and Abdul Rahim of sexual assault, MailOnline reports.
  • Hoynes is a former prison officer and a 2013 Durham’s Next Top Model contestant.
The allegations: Based on court documents, police received a call from Hoynes’ mother at 3:49 a.m. on May 26, 2019.
  • The mother claimed that Hoynes returned home from a night out in a distressed state, detailing her rape by an Asian taxi driver.
  • Hoynes first claimed she was attacked by a cab driver in his 40s.
  • The driver picked her up outside Lanchester Road Hospital near Durham and allegedly attacked her while she was sitting in the front seat before pushing her out of his cab.
  • She later changed her description of the driver to be in his 20s with spiked, gelled hair, according to prosecutor Shaun Dodds.
The investigation: Hoynes’ story led officers to question Asghar, who was found to be innocent.
  • The investigation shifted to Rahm, the Asian driver who gave the complainant a lift that night.
  • Rahm was able to provide dashcam footage that proved his accuser had made up her story.
  • It was apparent that there was no contact between him and Hoynes in the clip, and she was able to leave the vehicle unaided, the Scottish Sun reported.
Victim-turned-suspect: Authorities shifted their investigation on Hoynes’ account.
  • Further investigation revealed that Hoynes had been drinking and even took drugs on the night she claimed she was raped.
  • Judge James Adkin at Durham Crown Court said Hoynes’ “wicked complaint” wasted the time of the police and damaged the reputation of two innocent men.
  • “This type of offense can affect the prospects at trial of cases where it may be finely balanced as to whether women get the justice they deserve,” Adkin was quoted as saying. “I find it difficult to see how distress about a break-up would cause you to make such a wicked complaint against someone totally innocent.”
The bottom line: Hoynes eventually admitted intending to pervert the course of justice.
  • Hoynes’ was sentenced to 20 months in prison.
  • Defense lawyer Adam Birkby said Hoynes now accepts full responsibility and expressed her “sincere apologies” to the police and the drivers involved.
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