Philippine President Hires Controversial Sex Blogger to Censor Softcore Porn on Television

Philippine President Hires Controversial Sex Blogger to Censor Softcore Porn on TelevisionPhilippine President Hires Controversial Sex Blogger to Censor Softcore Porn on Television
President Rodrigo Duterte sparked a squabble among netizens when he appointed media personality Mocha Uson as a member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in the Philippines.
Self-confessed “sex guru” and controversial blogger Mocha Uson has earned another badge for her resume. Uson, who is an active supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte since the beginning of his campaign, is now member of MTRCB.
The recent news has sparked heavy protests from social media users criticizing Uson’s ability to perform such position. Inquirer reported that 93% of their readers “thumb down” Uson’s new assignment and a mere 7% were happy to hear the announcement.
Many Twitter users expressed their disappointments and disapproval.
“The irony. A woman who does not care about censorship and being vulgar now part of a censor body,” one Twitter user said.
Another angry netizen posted, “Shows no substance from this current government. Seriously!”
Uson, who was bashed by anti-Duterte supporters, has requested not to be compensated for her new position. If the board insists to give her a salary, the dancer turned political activist said that she will turn the money over to Duterte’s Kitchen, a feeding program for street dwellers, and to Department of Social Welfare and Development projects.
Uson posted message via her Facebook account thanking her more than 4 million supporters for their unyielding support. Although deeply involved in raising awareness and helping the current government, she reiterated once again that she has no political ambitions, GMA Network said.

She added that her new role as member of the MTRCB is an act of “volunteerism.” The Duterte administration was in need of supporters for the said position and many weren’t willing to take on the role because compensation was underwhelming.
The famous female blogger was acknowledged by the Palace and was given her first order of business. Her homework? Remove “soft porn” on television.
Quite ironic for someone who used to fearlessly blog about sex education, but then again, maybe Miss Uson can get an A+ for this project.
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