This ‘Mobile Food Market’ Bus Brings Fresh Produce to Low-Income City Communities

This ‘Mobile Food Market’ Bus Brings Fresh Produce to Low-Income City Communities
Editorial Staff
February 18, 2016
Fast food now has a completely new meaning thanks to a bus that was converted into a mobile food market that brings fresh produce to low-income urban neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada.
The Mobile Good Food Market is on a mission to deliver fresh and healthy food in neighborhoods where money is often the factor that holds people back from a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits.
By bringing the market to consumers, the mobile market eliminates the cost of travel and saves customers money. It was made possible through a collaboration between FoodShare Toronto, the city of Toronto and United Way Toronto. Now customers are able to choose from a wide selection of broccoli, lettuce, apples, onions and more from the bus that rolls into town twice a week.
The Food Share’s site reads:
“The Mobile Good Food Market is a truck that travels across Toronto selling affordable fresh food in neighborhoods, selected through consultation with local communities and analysis of access gaps.”
According to Susan Mclsaac, president and CEO of United Way Toronto, the company researched vertical poverty and found that it was concentrated geographically in tower communities in the suburbs. They learned of the “families that were nervous to come out of their homes and were really struggling with lack of access because of transportation and isolation.”
As a result, the Mobile Good Food Market was born to deliver those services straight to their homes.
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