MMA Heavyweight Cries in Agony After Getting Kicked in the Balls

A Chinese MMA fighter received the most devastating pain known to all men at the start of a heavyweight match in Seoul on Saturday.

The fighter, Aorigele, was up against Myung Hyun-man for the main event of Road FC 39, Bleacher Report noted.

What many might have anticipated as an exciting match, however, ended in just few seconds as Myung landed a kick straight to Aorigele’s groin.

Aorigele immediately lost momentum and dropped on the floor, enduring the blow. The event was ruled a no-contest.

Medics attended to Aorigele shortly. For his privacy, they placed a blue blanket over his lower body before inspecting the damage.

The set-up and the look on Aorigele’s face made it seem like he was like giving birth, Total Pro Sports said.

Aorigele was escorted out of the ring after a while, and hopefully, to absolute recovery.

If you can stomach it, the literally gut-wrenching sight may be watched below:

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