MMA fighter defends boba shop owner from upset customer wanting sushi in viral video

MMA fighter defends boba shop owner from upset customer wanting sushi in viral videoMMA fighter defends boba shop owner from upset customer wanting sushi in viral video
A now-viral video shows 26-year-old mixed martial arts fighter Khai Wu standing up to a customer for verbally attacking an Asian business owner in Tracy, Calif.
What happened: In the video posted on Nov. 2 by journalist John Hyon Ko, the customer, who was blurred out, can be heard speaking to the boba shop owner in a condescending way for not selling sushi. 
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  • In the video, the customer, who appears to be intoxicated, says that the owner does not speak English; however, Wu, who heard the conversation, stands up and confronts the customer. Wu argues that the owner speaks perfect English and explains that the boba shop does not sell sushi before asking the customer to step out.
  • According to a Twitter statement posted by Wu, the incident took place on Halloween night when he went out for bubble tea drinks with his friends. 
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  • “Navy blue guy starts getting loud and disrespectful, saying that he doesn’t understand what the manager is saying and wants someone who speaks English even though the manager can speak English just fine,” Wu wrote. 
  • “I asked him to step outside to talk, because the restaurant was full of families enjoying their dinners,” Wu added. “It was handled verbally and navy blue guy left the premises shortly after and then some cops came by later. Let’s continue to help and work together during these times.”
Reactions: Twitter users took to the comments section to express their admiration for Wu and their thoughts on the incident. 
  • Many users praised Wu for handling the incident peacefully. One user wrote, “Fella didn’t know how to handle that quiet, measured confidence. Perfectly dealt with.”
  • MMA matchmaker Rich Chou also commented, “Khai is a good dude, he could have hurt this guy bad. Handled like a true martial artist 🙏🏽.”
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  • Some followers, however, argued that Wu should have physically attacked the customer and left his face unblurred in the video. 
  • Wu responded in his Twitter statement saying, “I understand people make mistakes or sometimes say things without understanding how it may hurt or affect others. I blurred the navy blue guy out, because this isn’t a cancel him type thing.”
  • “A lot of people are like, ‘Oh I would have done this. I would have knocked him out. Post his face [online],” Wu told MMA Mania. “I think as a society we’ve lost a lot of empathy. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”
  • “If I had jumped the gun, this whole situation could have been a lot worse,” he added.  “We could have smashed windows, people could have been hurt. I think people need to be more empathic.”
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