‘MMA Fighter’ Sparks Outrage For Fighting Security Guards in Malaysia

‘MMA Fighter’ Sparks Outrage For Fighting Security Guards in Malaysia‘MMA Fighter’ Sparks Outrage For Fighting Security Guards in Malaysia
Ryan General
July 18, 2017
A self-proclaimed mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter received massive backlash from netizens after he got involved in a brawl against several security guards at a condominium in Malaysia.
The incident was caught on video and has been widely shared by users after it was uploaded on Facebook earlier this week, the Straits Times reported.
The viral footage, which has almost 9 million views as of this writing, shows the assailant initially in a heated verbal exchange with a security guard at USJ ONE condominium located in Subang Jaya.
The argument soon turned into a free-for-all brawl after the so-called fighter threw a kick at the security guard’s left shin.
The guard caught the man’s leg, but they both fell over, with the assailant overpowering the guard initially. The man then mounted on top of the smaller man who was immediately pinned to the ground.
Two other security guards then joined the brawl, lifting him off the other guard.
One guard ended up grabbing him by the neck, another kept his hold of the man’s legs, while a third one used a baton to hit him on the body. Another security guard joined them shortly and assisted in tying the attacker’s hands with a rope.
According to Discover Subang Jaya’s Facebook page, the assailant, who claimed to be an MMA fighter, was visiting a condo resident.
“This guy came over the condo wanted to look for his friend to collect his debt. But the so-called friend doesn’t want to meet him or did not come down to meet him. He asked the guards to let him go up the condo. The guards refused to let him go up. He got frustrated and argued with the small size guard. Then he took out his sweater and eager to fight the guard. He threw the first punch before any video was taken. He did not say sorry whatsoever after he threw the punched.( he claimed he said sorry which is not logic). They both kicking each other in between the incidents before he brought down by multiple guards.
“After that, you can see most of the incidents in the video. The guards tied him up. He sat on the floor and cursed and threatened the guards for more than 15 mins. Boasting all his MMA and fighting abilities. He even told the police “that he is very active in the martial arts or Muay Thai(a couple of years for this n that). But he chose not to fight the guards further.”
A Facebook user under the name Darriush Kha Lili, who appears to be the assailant, wrote on his page:
“I didn’t intend to hurt anyone. I could’ve fight back easily yea, I just threw a few kicks to keep him away, then these morons just jumped me, I didn’t even fight back. I’m not dumb; I don’t want problems with the police.
“For me, it’s just funny man. I admit it was my mistake. I slapped him, which I said sorry and they all did too. It was just a big misunderstanding.”
Netizens, however, were not amused and collectively criticized Darriush for his actions.
“Way to go big man. There wasn’t a need for you to fight in the first place,” a netizen wrote. “Those ‘morons’ were not only doing their job but they were also backing up the person you kicked first. You’re the aggressor here.”
“When things don’t go your way, sometimes it’s better to take the high road and walk away,” another commenter pointed out.
“The fighting arts is meant to defend and one should uphold the code of honor and a true warrior spirit.”
Meanwhile, the security guards were largely commended and received tons of praise in the original post’s comments section.
“Dear residents of this condo, you guys are really lucky to have all these guards who fight for you,” a well-liked comment noted. “When you see them, greet them with smiles, thank them, treat them some food and drinks. Rest assured they will make sure all of you are in safe hands.”
“Respect for this guard,” another one wrote. “Despite his small size, he stood his ground and fought back ferociously. He did his job and did not turn his back when threatened with bodily harm. I would love to have this kind of guards keeping security in my development.”
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