MMA Fighter Accused of Secretly Filming One Night Stands With Asian Women, Selling Them on Pornhub

MMA Fighter Accused of Secretly Filming One Night Stands With Asian Women, Selling Them on Pornhub

March 15, 2018
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Based on the accusations of a Taiwanese woman on the Facebook group 爆料公社, 32-year-old MMA fighter Jaymes Schulte has been having one-night stands with Taiwanese women and secretly filming them.
The self-proclaimed “pick-up artist” would later post the alleged unauthorized videos on a porn website for profit, Taiwan News reports.
The unnamed woman believes many Taiwanese women were among the 36 Asian women who have been victimized by Schulte.
Schulte displaying his savvy PUA tactics
She further revealed the names and descriptions of the videos, which contain obscene and degrading language hosted on the popular site PornHub.
Deleted photos from his Instagram account indicated that he has been traveling to other parts of Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and China.
He can be seen posing with young Asian women he purportedly met at such locations.
Under his PornHub account TravelPorn, which has so far accumulated 3,000 subscribers and 800,000 views, Schulte has posted videos of at least 36 Asian women having sex with him.
For individual sex videos, he charges his viewers a fee of $10 and $250 for a lifetime membership, payable via PayPal or Bitcoin.
Schulte also brags that using his pick-up artist tactics, he is able to have sex with over 100 women per year and offers viewers for him to teach them how to do the same for a fee of $250.
While he noted that “Every girl in my videos let me submit their id to Pornhub!” indicating that they gave their consent to be broadcasted on the site, the vile titles he uses for the videos make it hard to believe.
In a recent post, Schulte claimed that he was once accused of rape by a Japanese tourist in Hawaii and after reportedly being held in jail for a day, he claims charges were dropped after police saw a video proof of him having consensual sex with the woman.
Nicknamed the “Underdog” in the MMA scene, Schulte has an abysmal professional fight record of 2 wins and 4 losses.
In a recent Facebook post, he reportedly announced that he was broke and decided to sell his sex tapes so he can quickly return to Asia.
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