Missing Little Girl Found in the Bottom of a Septic Tank in China

Missing Little Girl Found in the Bottom of a Septic Tank in ChinaMissing Little Girl Found in the Bottom of a Septic Tank in China
A young Chinese girl spent over four hours being trapped in a septic tank before she was finally rescued by firefighters.
According to Daily Mail, the six-year-old child didn’t return home after telling her father that she was going to look for her friends on April 24.
After the worried father sought the help of local authorities to locate his daughter, Yubei policemen and firefighters immediately responded to the scene to investigate. Scanning through the CCTV footage of the father’s shop, they discovered that the girl went missing after heading down some stairs going to a public toilet.
Searching within the area near the public toilet in the Yubei district of Chongqing, the search party heard the sound of a little girl crying. After following the sound, they eventually found her,stuck a few meters down a septic tank.
Wasting no time, the firefighters used a ladder and went down to reach the girl. With a rope tied around the girl’s waist, she was lifted up to safety and placed on a stretcher. The girl was rushed to a local hospital where she was treated for the minor fractures she sustained on her legs due to a fall.
The daring rescue was captured on video and uploaded on Chinese social media.
Speaking to a local reporter, the girl’s father explained that his daughter might have tried climbing over a barrier near the septic tank and accidentally fell into the septic tank by stepping on its paperboard covering.
“The attic was unlocked and the septic tank did not have any cement covering. There is only one very thin paperboard placed on top,” the father was quoted as saying.
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