Missing Elderly Chinese Woman With Dementia Found Cleaning Tomb of Dead Husband

A Chinese man had the scare of his life after discovering that his 80-year-old mother with dementia had apparently gone missing.

Identified only as grandma Wu, the missing woman was eventually found sweeping the snow off her late husband’s grave in the rural Shanshui Village of Congyang County in Anhui Province.

On Jan. 4, Wu reportedly left home in the afternoon and failed to return in the evening, reports Sina via MailOnline.

According to Wu’s son, his mother not only suffers from dementia, but also has disabilities in her legs. Extremely worried about his mother, the son immediately went to the Hengbu Police Station at around 7 p.m. to seek help.

A search party consisting of police officers and volunteers was formed to look for the elderly woman. For two hours, the group searched in nearby areas while treading the heavy snow, but searched without luck.

Deputy director Zuo Yucai decided to check the graveyard shortly after learning that Wu’s dead husband was buried on the other side of the village.

There, they found Wu soaking wet, while sweeping the snow and cleaning the dirt off her husband’s tomb. She also had her walking stick with her, which she placed next to the tomb. Fortunately, Wu did not sustain any injuries.

They immediately brought the elderly woman safely back home. Wu’s son said that his mother may have been missing her husband, but after visiting his tomb, she was unable to get back home.

Feature Image via Sina

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