Missing Chinese Girl Found After 10 Years Playing Video Games to Survive

All the time you spent on online gaming is nothing compared to one missing Chinese woman who had spent a decade living and playing in internet cafes.
Known under the pseudonym of Xiaoyun, the 24-year-old was reported missing in 2005. Police recently found her at a cyber cafe in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, according to People’s Daily Onine via the Daily Mail.
She had been taken in by police for using a counterfeit ID and was found out after they checked the missing persons database, officers found Xiaoyun matched the description of a woman who was reported missing 10 years ago.
Xiaoyun admitted that she was the woman from Dongyang, a nearby city, who had went missing and that she had run away from home after an argument with her father.
“[I] had ran away from home before. And at that time when I tried to ask my dad for some money, [my parents] wouldn’t give it to me, saying I must be lying,” she told Qianjiang Evening News. “So I decided to run away for good.”
According to Xiaoyun, she had been living in different internet cafes since leaving home. She made money by playing the online first-person shooter game “CrossFire” on behalf of clients.
Xiaoyun had been missing for so long that her parents believe she was dead. Her name was even removed from the family’s official household registrations.
A few years ago, Xiaoyun reached out to her mother through the messaging app WeChat.
“I haven’t changed my mobile number in the past 10 years. I thought she might get in touch when she thought of me,” Xiaoyun’s mother told Qianjiang Evening News. “Afterwards, WeChat got popular, so my daughter added me by searching for my mobile number. But she never let me find her.”
Xiayun was reunited with her parents with the help of police. Her mom said during the emotional meetup: “I have a quicker temper and a strong character. I had indeed scolded her before. But after 10 years, she is a grown-up now. I will not tell her off again.”
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