Revealed: Miss Universe Contestants Without Makeup

This year’s Miss Universe contestants are proving that natural beauty is more than skin deep.

The pageant queens teamed up together to post no-make-up selfies for the #confidentlybeautiful campaign online. Their message is meant to empower women everywhere to be confident in their own skin.

A representative from the Miss Universe Organization explained that the group intended to use “its global grassroots reach to empower women to be self-confident and strive to be their personal best,” according to the Daily Mail.

Former Miss Universe 2014 winner Paulina Vega of Colombia founded the initiative and encouraged other women to take part. She posted her own make-up-free picture with the following tweet: “Every #MissUniverse is #ConfidentlyBeautiful. Are you? Show us your no-makeup selfies with #ConfidentlyBeautiful.”

Paulina Vega of Colombia, Miss Universe 2014

Lisa Drouillard, Miss Haiti 

Anindya Putri, Miss Indonesia

Claudia Barrionuevo, Miss Argentina

Monika Radulovic, Miss Australia

Hilda Frimpong, Miss Ghana

Laura Spoya, Miss Peru

Clarissa Molina, Miss Dominican Republic

Toria Nichole, Miss Bahamas

Refliwe Mthimunye, Miss South Africa

Joanna Cooper, Miss Ireland

Francesca Cipriani, Miss Ecuador

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