Former Miss Universe Australia Stopped From Leaving Bali Because Her Passport Was Wet

Miss Universe Australia

The former Miss Universe Australia was unable to board her plane at Denpasar Airport in Bali, Indonesia because a corner of her passport was damp.

Tegan Martin arrived in Indonesia on June 17 for a holiday retreat at the Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Ubud. 

As the 26-year-old model was leaving the country last week, local immigration officials refused to let her fly as they found a part of her passport had gotten wet.  Martin shared a picture of her passport to Instagram, showing they a small wet mark in the top right corner.

“Wasn’t allowed on my flight due to this watermark in the corner of my passport. Has this happened to anyone else?” she asked in her caption.

“So looks like I’m going to be in Bali for a little bit longer than expected. Thank you for everyone’s concern and for everyone’s advice, looks like this happened to a few people,” Martin said in the following video. 

According to Martin, she was booked to appear at a charity gala in Sydney’s Pyrmont Point on the night of her trip. 

“‘I’m going to be missing my gorgeous friend Donny’s family charity gala tonight so I’m devastated about that I was really looking forward to it,” she added.

Based on Martin’s recent posts, she has apparently returned to Australia.

It is worth noting that while general wear-and-tear normally do not pose problems, it is still up to the immigration officials of the host country who have the final ruling on whether a document is too damaged to be used.

Featured image via Instagram / tegan.martin

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