Miss Universe National Costumes of Asia Will Blow You Away

A total of 93 countries competed for Best National Costume at the 67th Miss Universe held in Pattaya, Thailand on Dec. 10.

Of these candidates, 20 came from Asia in ensembles adorned with culture and style unique to their respective countries.


Check them out:


Miss Cambodia Rern Nat wears the “Kingdom of Wonder” with a backdrop of the famous Angkor Wat.



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Nihao everyone! MEISU QIN, Proudly representing: 🇨🇳CHINA’s Traditional Opera Princess🇨🇳 Ps. The “Mask On Mask Off” Strategy is a Chinese traditional one called the #Bianlian #变脸😘😘😘 I hope everyone enjoy my performance!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 . . . @missuniversechina @missuniverse @miss_universe_fan @roadtomissuniverse @theglamcrown @missuniverse_fanpage @missuniversevideos @missuniversepowerhouses @pageantplanet @pageants.news @policepageant @missuniverseof @soundsquitefun @queens.pageantry @missnews.fr @universalgoddesses @real_pageantology @missosology_newyork @sahabat_pageant @real_missosology @top.misses . . . #MissUniverseChina #MissUniverse #MissUniverseThailand #Thailand #MissThailand #roadtomissuniverse #Edmonton #Alberta #传播中国美 #ChinaAmbassador #missuniverse2018 #roadtomissuniverse2018 #misschina #missuniversechina #misschina2018 #missuniversechina2018 #missosology #globalbeauties

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Miss China Meisu Qin wears a costume inspired by two significant dramas, the northern Peking Opera and the southern Sichuan Opera.



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My National Costume is inspired by Rani Rudrama Devi, an Indian Warrior princess and the monarch of Kakatiya dynasty – a South Indian dynasty which was ruled by the North Indian Sultanate. I chose to wear a National costume that paid a tribute to her as I was inspired by the tales of her strength and bravery. I relate to her fierce personality and her passion to help others is similar to mine; her quality of bringing a positive change in the society is something that I aspire to do. The parallels between her personality and mine are uncanny and I feel it is a matter of great pride that I get to represent such a strong, inspirational personality. My national costume features a matching throne inspired from the scenes of the movie Rudrama Devi. Oh yes, I could lift 50kgs gracefully, to show the strength & hardwork of a STRONG INDIAN WOMAN! 🇮🇳💪 Costume by @neeta_lulla and @melvynnoronha Fashion Director: @rockystarofficial Assisted by @akshita.vhatkar Footwear- @himalidoshilabel #MissUniverse #India #MissUniverseIndia #MissUniverse2018 #ConfidentlyBeautiful #NehalChudasama #NationalCostume 🇮🇳

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Miss India Nehal Chudasama emerged as a warrior princess with a throne. The costume weighs 105 lbs (48 kg).


Miss Indonesia Sonia Fergina Citra wears the “Bird of Paradise,” which came with animatronic flapping birds at the back.



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National Costume JAPAN 🇯🇵 @missuniverse #missuniversejapan2018 #missuniverse2018 #67thmissuniverse

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Miss Japan Yuumi Kato comes out of the stage as a ninja before transforming into the iconic Sailor Moon.



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Miss Kazakhstan Sabina Azimbayeva wears gold to represent the wealth of country, blue for unity, and a pair of wings for freedom and independence.



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Thank you ! 🙏🏻🇰🇷 . #한복#missuniverse2018 #missuniversekorea #missuniverse

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Miss Korea Ji-hyun Baek wears a traditional Hanbok in hand-painted textile and ornamental lace.



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Miss Kyrgyzstan Begimay Karybekova wears a costume inspired by folk art.


Miss Laos On-anong Homsombath surprises the audience with the “Stream of Generosity,” a half-human, half-bird from folklore.


Miss Malaysia Jane Teoh wears a costume based on an ancient fishing civilization known for its resourceful and protective spirit.


Miss Mongolia Dolgion Delgerjav emerges with a handmade, 1,000-detail ensemble inspired by the queen of Genghis Khan.


Miss Myanmar Hnin Thway Yu Aung sparks curiosity with a costume inspired by Thanaka, an endemic tree which contains parts used in skincare.



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Hello Fam! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Today is the day! National Costume Event starts in an hour and I’m so excited to see how our costume will be perceived by the world. Since this is only the second year that Nepal is competing at @missuniverse, I wanted to make sure everything was grand: auction gift, the national costume, and the evening gowns. I wanted people to know and remember Nepal. We are a country of hardworking, kind-spirited individuals that deserved to be recognized and acknowledge. I hope that I can accomplish this during this year’s Miss Universe completion. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I want to take this moment to thank everyone that had a part to play in helping me create my national costume. Thank you to @royalvijaya for making the head and back gear. You are not only talented but also generous. Thank you to Pasang sis and @nepamode @as kash.beingme for helping me design the cloths. For the moral support. For being my mentors and styling. They are creative individuals with such big hearts. ⁣⁣ ⁣ Thank you to @meiilanvisualarts for doing my official national costume photoshoot. The super talented @shradha_maskey for doing my makeup for the shoot and @swankyrana for assisting and styling. ❤️❤️⁣⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #missnepal2018 #missnepal #nepal #missuniverse #roadtomissuniverse #nepal #lordbuddha #buddhism #blessinghandsofbuddha⁣

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Miss Nepal Manita Devkota wears a costume representing the goddess Avalokitesvara, who relieves the suffering of others.


Miss Philippines Catriona Gray dons an ensemble called “Celebrate, Fight, Enrich,” representing the three island groups of the country. The gigantic backpiece is a parol featuring key points in the nation’s history.


Miss Russia Yulia Polyachikhina represents a woman of nobility.


Miss Singapore Zahra Khanum wears a costume depicting the island state as a broker of peace between the US and North Korea.

Sri Lanka


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| NATIONAL COSTUMEEEEE 😍 Thank you Mr. Supranational Top 10 @tymo19 for creating this amazing representation of the Esela Perehara along with the Osaree of the Kandyan woman. Life is about celebrating every moment for what it is and appreciating every day – no matter what it brings! Everyone here at @missuniverse celebrates beauty in all its glory, sharing with the world the power and pride of what it is to be a woman. Beauty inspires – it inspires confidence, it inspires celebration and it is the beauty of women that inspired a global platform such as Miss Universe to be in existence. Celebrate yourself! | Thank you for the video @irshadisfer #srilankan #Srilanka #MissUniverseSriLanka2018 #🇱🇰srilanka #missuniverse #thailand #confidentlybeautiful #MissUniverse

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Miss Sri Lanka Ornella Gunesekere wears a costume representing women empowerment.


Miss Thailand Sophida Kanchanarin stuns the stage with the iconic elephant of Siam.



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Tara’nın ulusal kostümü 🥰 #Repost @taradevries with @get_repost ・・・ ♔

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Miss Turkey Tara de Vries wears a costume based on the Ottoman Empire.


Miss Vietnam H’Hen Nie introduces the audience to Banh Mi, a famous Vietnamese sandwich.

Miss Universe 2018 will hold its coronation night on Dec. 17 in Bangkok’s Impact Arena.

Feature Images via Instagram / forthephilippines (left) and baek_g_hyun (right)

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